Sunday, August 08, 2004

Family = Exhausting

aaah family parties make me tired. so many children to entertain! but more about that shortly.
let's relive friday, shall we? actually we don't really have to b/c i didn't really do much i don't think...oh wait yes i did! but not until that evening! around 6 i dropped alex off at a girl friend's house then i drove over to the Lombardi's for a Welcome Home Jen dinner! that was really fun and delicious, as always. we stuffed ourselves with ham, mashes, bread, and cheeeesecake and strawberries...aaah so great. then jen, suzy, vicky, kristin, and i all sat around the table for a couple hours just talking about old memories (listen to old i mean like 4 years.) and had a grand old time. i left around 10p b/c i had to pick up alex from his friend's house, but i had a great time!
saturday was wedding day! not for me, but for Jeremy's brother, Justin! wheeee i love weddings! but there was a mini-crisis b/c i couldn't get in touch with jeremy and i had neither his home phone number nor directions to his house. so i had to do my best to guess his info, then look it up in the white pages, and on my 3rd try i got jeremy's mom and she gave me directions. got to his house around 2 just in time to jump in mr. hilgert's car and ride over to the wedding ceremony, which was lovely. the bridesmaids had really nice pink dresses and the guys were all in tuxedos (yaaay!) and after the ceremony i drove jeremy's jeep down to where the reception was. it was in an old bank building that was right behind the Crayola of those places you'd never find unless you heard about it through someone else who had been there, ya know? and it was really cool, there was the dance floor downstairs then upstairs there was a big long table for the wedding party overlooking the dance floor, and across from their table were 5 guests tables also overlooking the dance floor...and of course lots of tables downstairs around the dance area. it was really fun, even though i sat with the bride's, becca, sorority sisters from college and i didn't know them. but we were sitting next to the table with all the single guys, who were justin's friends from college, and they were hilarious, they kept yelling across to justin and becca and they were just being loud and having a great time. jer and i left around 1030p, which is when the party officially ended, and we drove back to his house. i hung out there for a little while and headed home around 1230 to sleeep.
and of course, today was the family bbq! family started showing up around 2p and it was kinda hectic but in that fun kind of way, and i spent all day playing with my little cousins and helping my mom cook and took lots of pictures. had dinner and dessert and tons of great conversation, told people about ireland and how awesome it was/is and showed off my pictures (which i really need to get an album for.), then scary bat things happend.
my uncle and aunt were getting ready to leave and i kept hearing something over by the garage, and i kept asking my dad if he heard it, and he was like ' no, no i don't hear anything' but i knew i heard SOMETHING! then like 3 bats came flying at us and i screamed bloody murder and ran away. so my uncle alex, who loves this sort of thing, decides to throw little pebbles up in the air to try and lure them out..i guess b/c they have their little radar so they'd chase the pebbles, or so he says. and a few of them did, then my dad was investigating wehre they were living, and it turns out a HUGE family of them live up underneath the roof of our garage..and when i say huge, i mean like, several dozen bats. hi. hi there little bats! *snort* and at one point, i'm not exaggerating, there were no less than 10 bats flying out at one time, and just flying all over and swooping down and i was just waiting for one to fly in my hair and freak the hell out of me. but luckily they didn't. see, i don't dislike bats b/c i know they eat bugs and probably spiders, and i hate spiders way more than i dislike bats. actually i think bats are neat, it's just freaky when they're flying at my face. and they're weird. blech. but that's that.
tomorrow we leave for Long Beach Island! and i can't waaaaait, i love my uncle mark's house down there, it's so peaceful. i might try to take my laptop with me and see if i can tap into a wireless internet or something, so if i do than i can give you some beach updates, and if not, i'll give a summary of the week when i get back on friday! woo!

*somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
any experience, your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near* somewhere i have never travelled...


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