Friday, August 13, 2004

Hot Hot Heat

The name of a band, but also a fitting description of my skin right now! Despite the fact that I was sporting 30SPF sunblock all week, and reapplying the stuff pretty much every hour, i still managed to burn my poor skin. i also managed to have a freckle explosion, particularly on my face, fingers, and toes (weird, i know.). but i love freckles so i don't mind really. LBI was great, we really lucked out with the weather, even though it was cloudy a few of the days, i was ok with that b/c if it had been completely sunny i can only imagine how red i would be. the ocean was tons of fun, big waves, warm water, no jellyfish or seaweed! and i made my way through 3 books...b/c all i do while i'm sitting on the beach is read, it's awesome. i finished "Sushi for Beginners", read "She's Come Undone" (which was sooo good but kind of sad and depressing...but worth the read.) and "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks who i really really like! and i borrowed "Mystic River" (the book) from my uncle and that is my next reading project! which i'm looking forward to b/c the movie had such praise..the book must be good. a few times on the beach it was really really windy, and the sand was attacking my face and felt like tiny needles. so that wasn't cool and i had to wrap myself in my towel until the wind went away...i'm sure i didn't look as ridiculous as i felt.
we went out for breakfast at ScoJo's one morning...aaah sooo goood. apple cinnamon pancakes, YUM! and last night we went to Octopus's Garden w/ my uncle Mark (he owns the beach house and lets us stay in it), and i had shrimp, if you can believe it. coconut shrimp, and it was really good.
this morning we were going to go to the beach but we decided not too b/c the weather didn't look good (hurricane charley!) and it's a good thing we didn't b/c it started to rain, so we just packed up and headed home. but it was a really fun week, i love the jersey shore!
so, if you don't know this than you either don't live in new jersey or you don't read the news, but our governor is gay and being hit with some lawsuit..Apparently he harassed some guy but tried to cover it up by giving the guy a high place in government, but the FBI wouldn't tell him anything b/c he wasn't an American Citizen...something along those lines, so now the guy is suing McGreevey b/c he didn't get what he wanted...i think that's the jist of it. so the gov resigning and i kinda feel bad for him. and his family. in the news conference his dad was standing behind him and was NOT looking pleased. and if i were his wife i would just be embarrassed, i think. anyway, it's all very scandalous.
i also can't hear out my right ear at the moment. and i'm not sure why that is. i think i'm getting sick but i don't know why that would affect my hearing.
oh! ok i have some ireland pics i want to show you all but i don't have a digital camera...but i haven them on a disc but i don't know how to do this. b/c you need to have them on a website i think. ok well that won't work. i'll keep trying to figure that out. adios people!


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