Saturday, August 14, 2004

Olympic Mania!

Ahhh, my favorite sports event has finally arrived. The 2004 Olympics in Athens!!! WOOO! I love the olypmics sooo much i get quite obsessed with them actually. Today Michael Phelps won his first gold..he could win 8 if he wins everything...sooo exciting! and tomorrow he faces Ian Thorpe...aaah that will be awesome. The Thorpedo! But of course i'll root for Michael, even though he's got those taxi cab ears...aww.
anyhooo it's all very exciting and you should all be watching! there's a softball game on tomorrow, that should be good and tonight there was men's much muscle! how do they do it?! and they showed this one Russian gymnast who was on the parallel bars, and he dislocated his ring finger and the top half of his finger was sticking straight up, and he just walked over to his trainer and the guy popped it back in like it was no big deal - i almost fainted. then blaine wilson (u.s. team) fell off the high bar and i yelped. then he couldn't do the pommel (sp?) horse b/c he probably had a concussion! but he did the rings and was looking back to normal...and hot.
i know that kristin and i will make lisa watch the gymnastics on monday when we're at her house, but i'm sure she won't mind watching men with 0% body fat do athletic things that make their muscles bulge in spandex. hehe.
i also watched a little volleyball, which was cool. watching the olympics always makes me sad that i'll never get there as an athlete. it looks like so much fun..and plus it'd be cool to be that good at something. on a completely different note, on that vh1 show 'the best week ever', they were saying how at the 2000 olympics in Sydney, i guess there were condom dispensers around, and they had to be refilled EVERY 2 HOURS. hi there horny athletes! not that i blame them, everybody there is like...a perfect specimen of a person.
anyhoo that's my little olympic update for today...oh and i love bob costas.


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