Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's Called Decorum.

And some people just don't have it! And by some people i mean some of the sprinters on the USA track and field team. i don't wanna go too crazy on telling you how much i do not appreciate their behavior, but i will say this: michael phelps won 8 medals and you didn't see him running around the pool showing off. and he's 19. i'm just sayin.
anyhooo i watched 'mystic river' last night, and i really liked it! it's weird when you see a movie after you read the book, b/c in the movie you get to certain parts really quickily..and in the book it just takes longer to get there b/c of more detail and such. but the movie followed realllly closely to the book, which i was impressed with, only a few major details that were different, but only b/c if they had been in there the movie would've been like 5 hours long. and sean penn was amazing, i recommend checking it out!
umm what else has been going on. let's think. today i washed my car and cleaned the whole inside.
oh duh, the other day i went down to ridgefield park w/ my mom and bro to visit my uncle alex and aunt donna..they're moving in 2 weeks and they have 2 little girls under 2, so we offered to go ahead and babysit for them so they can pack up and such. so i spent the day playing with my little cousins, aww! they're so cute, we went to the park and had fun. while i was there i got a call from a woman who works at CC with the RA's, she was just making sure iw as coming back? which was weird. it'd be really crappy of somebody to just not go back without telling anybody. and also we're apparantly doing a ropes course (flashbacks to blair's freshman year retreat) and going bowling one night. whee? we shall see.
ok that's all for me, adios!


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