Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Belfast Awaits!

Aaahhhh i'm so excited!! Tomorrow night i'll be up in belfast hangin out with claire and i can't wait! but let's focus on last night and today, then i'll get excited about belfast again :)
sooo ok, work yesterday wasn't anything super special, went home for lunch and watched the daily really bad movie, this time it was "Sanctuary", featuring melissa gilbert! so very bad! she was dating a guy and it turned out the guy's brother had killed her mother some years ago. and was roaming around town, then a hurricane came out of nowhere and the brother/killer was on the loose! eeeeek! but those movies are so fun.
i don't remember what we did yesterday afternoon at work, i guess nothing too exciting!
went to tesco with kat b/c we needed to get some drinks for the small 4 sussex get together that was going on...bacardi delicious!
whe we were leaving tesco one of the girls that lives near me had like a HUGE bag of grocery stuff and was carrying stuff in the bag and in her arms, so i helped her carry stuff back (Good deed, take note.), collected jess, and went over to 4 sussex...
not too much happend, just hung out, talked a bunch, had a good time! and it seems that we left right before they had one of their nightly emotional breakdowns, so hurray for good timing! i told a bunch of centenary stories...i know, i didn't know i had centenary stories either, but apparantly i do!
work was really good today though, we had so much to do it felt so much like...a job! which it is but it was so fun...and we spent a lot of time talking to cathy, which is really when i feel like i learn the most...we just ask her questions about ireland and dublina nd how things work here and she's more than willing to talk to us about it, it's awesome.
(also..i just downloaded this really good song "see it in boys eyes" by it!)
after work i met up with jess and her mom, who just arrived today, and we ate at this lovely restaurant, Coopers..yummmmm! then back home. ah..this morning i sprayed cleaner in the bathroom, and some got on the bathmats (ok i sprayed it on the mats.) and there was bleach in it i guess, soooooo now they have pink spots all over..hahahaha oops!
today is rachel's birthday also! happy 21st to rachel! although i guess turning 21 over here just isn't the same as turning 21 in the states, but still fun birthday times!
i've also been reading about how the weekend i come home is the same weekend as the republican convention in nyc? and apparantly there have been "high terror warnings"..and we know how i love flying and that just adds to the FUNNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! :/ but i take all that with a grain of salt, and i doubt anybody would use an Air France plane. but i figure by the time i'm flying home i'll be a seasoned flyer so i'm not thaaat
anyhoo, again, so happy about going up north tomorrow, i really can't wait! well i mean i can...i don't really have a choice.
ok then!
oh wait, i don't know if i wrote this in here already but i just thought of it, the other day i was flipping through hte channels and i saw Spongebob, so of course i stopped to laugh at him and i realized...wait a second, this isn't in was in Gaelic!!!! yaaaaay!! multi-lingual Spongebob!!! plus it was really funny, but i'm glad he's crossed over! adios.

"M in a vicious world-to love virtue
A in a craven world-to have courage
R in a treacherous world-to prove loyal
I in a wavering world-to stand firm

A in a cruel world-to show mercy
N in a biased world-to act justly
N in a shameless world-to live nobly
E in a hateful world-to forgive" - Marianne Moore


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