Friday, July 02, 2004

tram co

first of all, vicky is an evil person b/c she sent me 2 really sad emails, 1 was that marlon brando died :( :( :( and i'm really sad about that b/c i love him in 'streetcar named desire' and if you haven't seen that you should b/c he was incredible. and 2nd (not as sad for most) ist hat derek jeter's beautiful face was maimed in a game vs. boston the other night! poor babyyyy! and vic sent me a link to a slide show so i could get a play-by-play and it was just awful.
but moving on.
last night we all went to a club called TramCo, where liz from 4 sussex works, and at first it was really empty and i didn't think it was going to be that fun, but around 1030/1100 it got really crowdeda nd people started dancing and it was so fun! and i had a white russian (drink, not man)a nd it was sooooo alcoholic chocolate milk. but the sad part was that no irish guys realy danced, i guess they're shy? but christine (my cousin) was like super cool dancer girl and she got guys to come dance with her and stuff. anyway it's a very cool club but we stayed out realllly idn't get home til like 2am yet again, and i had to be up by 8am b/c the fam and i were doing a Coastal Bus
but i woke up this morning and i was fine, yay for dancing and water! so i met the fam at the bus stop and we started our 3 hour tour of the coastal area around dublin! which was awesome b/c it took us through Dublin North which is really residential and people have real houses there, not just apartments like in the city, and i'd really like to live there...please? PLEASE?! please.
then we stopped at Malahide Castle and it was really nice and i'd like to have that as my weekend getaway home. that'd be great! but it was neat and there was a cute guy on the bus w/ us which is always fun! aaaand bought some souveniers (and just realized i left the new cross i bought with my mom...damn! but the cross is reallly nice, it's bigger than i usually wear but still not to like...LOOK AT ME I HAVE A CROSS NECKLACE! size. it's purdy.) then back on the bus and to some of the most beautiful towns and coast i have ever seeeeen! aaaaah! we went through Howth and all these little towns around it and it was so gorgeous just like..what you would think a typical oceanside fishing town would be like, i absolutely loved it. and you could see "ireland's eye", an island, off the shore and it was so pretty...well all of it was so pretty, not gonna lie.i took lots of pictures..we also drove by lots of expensive houses (i think it's mostly a wealthier area?) including some famous racecar driver who had a helicopter parked in his front lawn...yeah. cool.
then back to dublin...chris and i were soooooooo tired i could barely walk so she and aunt jeanne went back tot he hostel so they could nap, and mom, alex, and i went to Marks&Spencer to get ingredients for...PASTA! and pasta sauce..but they didn't have everything so we had to go to Tesco also, then back tot he apt where we made pasta sauce and pasta and yummy warm breaaaaaad mmmmmmmm it was so good. comfort food.
so here i am, mom and alex went back to the hostel and jessa nd i aren't sure if we can go out again tonight...well jess says she can but chris and i are so tired...well she probably napped...ok I'M SO TIRED. i don't know if i can go out! wah.
oh, my mom also made me take her into hte IES building so she could meet all the teacher people, so she met ashley, and she says he's too old for me! :( i think the grey hair made her think that...
mmmm right then, sunday we're going to a hurling game! wheee! and it's 4th of july and kat is having a party at her house but we might just go to an american theme bar, like Captain America's...well i think they're american themed. i could be wrong. i'll let you know.

"in spite of everything
which breathes and moves,since Doom
(with white longest hands
neatening each crease)
will smooth entirely our minds
-before leaving my room
i turn,and(stooping
through the morning)kiss
this pillow,dear
where our heads lived and were." - in spite of everything...


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