Thursday, July 01, 2004

i love politics

i really do! and i'll tell you why!
went to work, did the work thing blahbiddy blah, met jess and went out to dinner with my mom at The Gotham Cafe, which was so cute and really yummy, then off to the Dail at 645. kat was there with this girl, denise i think?, who had just joined the labour party so cathy invited her to the dail, neat! then cathy got there and said we were just waiting for Simon...who is this simon you ask? super cute irish boy! yaaaaaaay! so that was fun and he was really nice and we all went inside and got our seats in the public gallery. rhonda also showed up (rhonda is another labour party person, she works for them somewhere i don't remember where but she is hilarious and really eccentric with lots of jewelry, makeup, and crazy hair, she's great) and we listened to the labour TD's make their arguments and they're such good speakers i loved it! and this one woman was so awesome and we ended up meeting her after hte vote! aaah! i was so excited i was like 'wow your speech was great' and she said thank you and kat and i were like WHEE! anyway during the debates kat saw the TD that she loves, willy penrose, who she says if he were american he'd be from the deep south..which i have to agree with. he's a larger man and he just gives off that deep south air about him! so for the rest of the night i was making fun of her and willy and i told rhonda and then rhonda joined in the fun and told kat she would try to get him to meet her hahaha!
so they do the vote, which went in the way of labour but with an amendment which they weren't thrilled about but at least it's something. and we all went outside downstairs and we were waiting for another TD, and she came over and we introduced ourselves, etc. and then she took us to....the members only BAR!! hehehehe it was AWESOME! and she bought us all a drink, so nice! and she sat and talked to us and she was really great it was so much fun. then simon bought us all a round of drinks (so for those of you paying attention, that is the first drink a guy has bought for me. not that i'm counting. but i am.) and when we finished those rhonda said that david (adorable red head) was meeting us outside to go to another bar! so we met him and went to Bruxelle's and sat outside drinkin and talkin and makin fun of kat's love for willy penrose (although i think that kathryn edwards penrose is a perfect southern name) and trying to get kat to chat it up with david, but as luck would have it, jess and david spent a lot of time talking b/c they had both spent a lot of time in the same random place (in the phillipines or something i don't remember) so they were talking about that. and cathy was telling us about stuff that goes on in the office and how apparantly the woman we share an office with really doesn't like her and all this stuff. juicy gossip. so eventually they have to clear the outside b/c the bar didn't have a permit for people drinking outside after a certain time, so we moved it inside (oh real quick, when i went in to get a drink there was a man from new york who was asking me where i was from, then it turns out my bartender was also from new york...WHERE ARE ALL THE IRISH PEOPLE???) and went downstairs into a smaller bar room and stayed there til about 130am. yeah no joke. but it was sooo awesome we all just talked about stuff and had such a good time! oh and this is when kat started to steal glasses. she said they needed glasses in their apartment, so when i finished mine she put it in her bag, and rhonda saw and was like 'oh you need glasses? ok you can take mine too' and at the end of hte night she walked out of there with, i think, 5 glasses! hahaha!she had them all stacked up in her bag it was so funny. so finally we headed out and when the 3 of us passed burger king...well we couldn't pass it :( we had to get booze munchy food! which was quite good. then we walked home and i fell into bed b/c i was so tired, woke up at 6am b/c it was really bright in the room, couldn't fall back alseep, got out of bed around 830 and here i am! but now i have to go get kat and go to work! and we're taking my cousin out tonight so i'm looking forward to that :)

"i shall imagine life
is not worth dying,if
(and when)roses complain
their beauties are in vain

but though mankind persuades
itself that every weed's
a rose,roses(you feel
certain)will only smile" - i shall imagine life...


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