Wednesday, July 07, 2004

muffins is sniffum

which ever one of you smarty pants out there can figure that one out, you win a prize!
so i'm at work doing the blog b/c somebody was hogging the computer all last night. i won't say who. but by the tone of my typing you should be able to figure it out. and if you can't then ask me and i'll tell you the whole story.
anywayyyyy here i am to tell you about...TUESDAY! right? yes. let's do this.
yesterday was tuesday...i went to work and actually worked pretty hard, was busy all day. took lunch at the normal time, went to kat's, ate lunch while watching our daily really bad tv movie (last week it was "co-ed call girl" featuring tori spelling, so awful!) which yesterday just happend to be "blackout effect" staring eric stoltz. it was about an airport control place that was really old and their machinery kept blacking out, and one day 2 planes crashed into each other b/c of it. yeah, smart of me to watch that, WASN'T IT!? no, bad me. but it all worked out in the end..the movie was so corny but we couldn't help but watch it all. and today we'll miss our corny movie b/c we get a free lunch at ies! pizza!
anyway, after work we had class and a woman who runs an art program for underpriviledged kids came to talk to us...and good for her for starting the program...but i felt bad b/c i have no interesting in how the arts are run and how they get money and all that stuff...and there are 3 girls doing arts internships and they were really the only ones giving input and fully understanding what was going on. so i felt like that was kind of wasted time.
after class, kat, jess, katie, rachel and i all went out to eat, and the service was really bad but the food was good! then we went to Botticelli's for super delicious ice creaaaaam! they had a tiramisu flavor! i mean HELLO! TIRAMISU!!!!! mmmmm. so that was delicious. then back home to find the computer hog hogging up the computer. when we finally made her stop hogging, jess and i booked out flights to Brussels (which had gone up about 40 euro...i was so pissed. SO PISSED.) and found out that her dad could in fact get us rooms at the hilton all 3 nights we are over there (Brussels, Luxembourg, back to Brussels)...the hiltooooon. and yes i know i feel bad i'm support the paris empire but i can't help it! jess's dad wants us to stay in a 5 star hotel, that it what we will do! and it's free for him too b/c he has all these points from when he stays in them in teh states. so it's a good deal all around.
and i slept like crap last night. tossing, turning, waking up a lot. not fun in the least. so now i'm tired but i must work!

"Spring is past, and Summer's past,
Autumn's come, and going;
Weather seems as though at last
We might get some snowing.
Spring was good, and Summer better,
But the best of all is waiting,-
Madame Winter-don't forget her.-
Skating!" - Skating


Blogger beez said...

SNIFFUM IS MUFFINS SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!!! WHAT IS MY PRIZE??!?!?!?! GIVE IT TO ME NOW. i will take it in the form of a male payment, meaning, you may pay me in men. (love you moonbeam!)

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