Monday, July 05, 2004

Hurling, anyone?

Ummm so i think my plan of action when i get back to the states is to try to make hurling as popular as possible. i had soooooo much fun at the game yesterday!! Wexford vs. Offaly, Croke Park, so awesome! we got our students tickets and found our seats, which were waaaaay up there, but they built the stadium so very steep that we could still see fine so it was no problem! But the steepness did scare me just a little. it was a really close game the whole time, some guys were injured...and some looked like they really got hurt but they just got up and kept on truckin. tough cookies they are. at halftime we went to go get hotdogs (4th of july, at a stadium, we felt a hot dog was necessary) and by the time we got to the front of the "line", which was really just a mob of people, they were OUT of hotdogs :( so sad. then back to watch the second half, which was so exciting. and it helped that most of the fans were Wexford fans, and every time they did something good the whole place went NUTS. well Wexford ended up winning only by 3 points i think, and when the time was up, all the fans starting running out onto the field! if we hadn't been in another atmosphere i would've run out there. but i took lots of pictures of that b/c it was so great! then chris and i went back to dinner then back to the hostel to watch our moms try to pack all the new stuff they bought on top of all the old stuff they brought that they didn't need. that was entertaining. but i only stayed for about an hour and a half, then my mom, chris, and i all went to a pub for a Bailey's, then we parted ways and i went home!
then to kat's for the july 4th partay, which was ok. tiddly got really drunk and that was really funny. but kat was not having such a good time b/c living with 7 girls is having its toll on her, as you can imagine. but it seemed as the night went ont he party was getting better (isn't that how it always goes?), and by the time jess and i left it seemed to be in full swing. So i will get the details of that today at work, mwahaha gossip.
possibly booking of the brussels trip today at work! wheeee! but we found ou the airport is really far from the we have to double check on that and make sure the train tickets aren't really expensive or anything. mmmk time for work!

"making me feel
how myself has been coarse and dull
compared with you, silently who are
and cling
to my mind always" - i go to this window...


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